Below regulations define the rules for purchasing in the online store run by the Seller at www.cormak.pl

  1. Definitions
    1. The following Regulations define the terms and conditions for the execution of orders placed from 25/12/2014 and is a consequence of the Act about consumer rights of 30 May 2014 (Journal of Laws of 2014, position 827).
    2. The terms used in below Regulations have the following definitions:
      • Customer (Buyer, Consumer) - a person, legal person or an organizational unit that is not a legal person, the specific provisions of which grant legal capacity, which places an Order within the Store.
      • Online Store - an online store located at the electronic address www.cormak.pl, run and owned by the Seller.
      • Seller - the Seller is the company MAKTEK Jerzy Zalewski with its registered office in Siedlce at ul. Brzeska 120, with the following numbers: NIP: 821-221-07-23, REGON: 140560420. Client (Buyer, Consumer) .
      • Goods – products presented in the Online Store.
      • Additional service – ua service provided by the Service Provider for the Customer, outside the Online Store due to the selling products.
      • Agreement – a contract for the sale of the Goods offered by the Seller, concluded without the simultaneous presence of the Parties using the telecommunications network.
      • Order – Customer's declaration of will, aimed directly at the conclusion of the Sales Agreement, specifying in particular the type and quantity of the Goods.
      • Parties of an agreement – Seller and Buyer.
      • Order form – a form filled during the order by the online store to processed the order properly
  2. Overall terms of electronic services
    1. Below Regulations define the rules for using the online store available at www.cormak.pl
    2. Before using www.cormak.pl online store, especially before placing the order, buyer should read the content of below regulations.
    3. Purcharsing by www.cormak.pl requires accept of cookies by the user's browser.
    4. All products offered by the www.cormak.pl store have been legally introduced on the Polish market, are brand new, free from any defects.
    5. The content of the www.cormak.pl online store is the property of the Seller and is protected legally.
    6. To use the www.cormak.pl online store, the buyer should have access to a PC station, or any other device that could connect to the Internet, with the software which allows browsing the website.
    7. Photos of all products placed on the store on www.cormak.pl are samples and used only to present the machines. Descriptions and photos of every machine come from the Seller.
  3. Taking orders
    1. Orders are accepted by the website. phone and by e-mail.
    2. Buyer can place an order for 24 hours a day. Placing orders by phone or by e-mail is possible only on working days during the opening hours of our company, specifed on the store's website.
    3. The order is succesull if the buyer correctly complete all areas form the order form, including contact details, especially address where the machines have to be sent, telepfone number, and e-mail address.
    4. When the buyer provide incomplete or incorrect data, the seller will contact with buyer. If the seller cannot contact with buyer, seller can cancel the purchase.
    5. Ordering procedure ends, when the buyer complete the data, payment and delivery terms, also accepting the regulations and consent in the order form, by click "SEND ORDER". Doing that, the buyer is placing an order with concluding a purchase and sale agreement with MAKTEK Jerzy Zalewski for the products included in order.
  4. Costs and delivery time
    1. Prices on the website do not include shipping cost. Information about delivery cost is placed under the ordering form. The buyer is responsible for the delivery cost.
    2. If there is no infromation about the delivery cost, the Seller pays for it.
    3. The delivery cost depends on the machine size and packing method. Orders made by the online store are realized only in the territory of Poland.
    4. Goods are sending to the address indicated by the customer in the form, by phone or by e-mail. The seller is obligated to inform immediately, if the order form is completed incorrectly, which prevent the delivery or may dely it.
    5. Seller allows the buyer to pick up ordered goods in the Cormak company, localized in Siedlce.
    6. If the customer choose the cash in delivery option, the parcel is sent within 24 hours from the placing the order on working days. If the customer choose another payment option- by the bank transfer, the goods are sent after receiving payment.
    7. The Seller delivers the goods by a courier company. After receiving the goods from the transport company the Buyer should unpack the parcel and check that the machines do not have mechnical damage due to travel, and if these machines or tools are exactly the same as in the order description. If there is no damage or objection, buyer must confirm picking up the goods with his own signature. When the buyer finds a mechanical damage or non-compliance of the goods with the order, the buyer should not accept the parcel. After that the damage report must be reported by the courier, which includes the description of damages/or missing parts of the wrong product with the date and courier’s signature. The buyer has to inform the Seller about this by phone or by e-mail which could be found on Seller website.
    8. Checking the parcel during delivery is a necessary thing for any customer claims for damage, wrong machines or loss of parcel while transport.
  5. Payment
    1. Offered products in the online store www.cormak.pl have a net and gross price (increased by 23% VAT).
    2. All prices are given in Polish zlotys (PLN) or euro (EUR)
    3. The buyer could pay:
      • by transfer to the account number : PLN 08 1020 4476 0000 8402 0389 6255, for foreign transactions: EUR 48 1020 4476 0000 8702 0276 0197,
      • payment by the Przelewy24 system,
      • after receive the goods (with a payment not exceeding PLN 15,000 gross).
    4. For every ordered product we issued the VAT invoice or receipt and is attached to the purchase.
  6. Order cancellation
    1. Buyer, who makes a distance contract can withdraw from it without giving any reason, by submit a statement. The time to withdraw from the contract is valid for 14 days according to the Act from May 30, 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, position 827).
    2. Your personal data will be processed to make the contract correctly.
    3. The time for canceling the sale contract starts when the buyer accept the goods.
    4. Buyer may withdraw from the contract by submit a declaration to Seller. The document may be submitted to the Seller's address or by e-mail.
    5. When Buyer already used products (or do something that is not in the agreement), Buyer is responsible for any reduction in the value of return costs as a result due that.
    6. The right to withdraw from the contract by the customer is not possible in below cases:
      • music, audiovisual records and computer programs stored on computer storage medium after the Customer has removed their original packaging;
      • products (services) which is not standard offer of the store, prepared for Customer special request and adapted to his individual needs;
    7. When the Customer withdraw from the contract:
      • seller is obligated immediately return to Buyer all payment, including delivery costs, not later that within 14 days from the date of receipt of the Buyer's statement on cancelling the sales contract.
      • seller may wait with returning the payment received from Buyer until the ordered products are properly received back or the Buyer has provided the proof of returning products.
      • buyer's obligation is to send back the products immediately, until the 14 days from the date when he withdrew from the sales contract. .
      • customer pays only for the direct costs of returning products.
      • seller returns the payment to the bank account number provided by the buyer
    8. Seller does not accept the cash on delivery sent by Buyer.
  7. Compliant terms.
    1. All ofered products have producer, importer or seller warranty. The warranty time is included in the description on the store's website. Detailed warranty conditions are specified in the warranty card signed by the Seller.
    2. In situation when the purchased products have a defect or malfunction the Seller is responsible to the Buyer because of it.
    3. When products has defect, Buyer:
      • may write a declaration to reduce the costs or withdrawal from the contract.
      • has the right to demand or replace the defective products with a defects to exchange product for a new one or removal the defect in existing. Seller is obligated to replace the defect product with a right product or to fix the defect as soon as possible. Due this all costs related to return and repair will be payed by the Seller.
    4. When Buyer detects a defect in product during the warranty, Buyer should inform the Seller about it immediately by using:
    5. the e-mail address from the Seller website,
    6. by phone from the Seller website,
    7. by the form on site http://rma.maktek.pl/
    8. Necessary condition to warranty consideration is having the proof of purchase (receipt or a VAT invoice).
    9. Compliant is considered within 14 working days from receipt. Defective products will be repaired or replaced for another. If the defect is impossible to remove, the Seller will refund the Buyer the equivalent of price for products or may offer another available products/machines.
  8. Personal data
    1. Administrator of all pesonal data given by Buyers is Seller.
    2. Personal data is protected according to the Act of August 29, 1997 about Protection of Personal Data (consolidated text, Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended) that prevents access by third parties.
    3. Personal data is used to achieve the purposes of sales contract. It could be given to companies responsible for the delivery.
  9. Final provisions
    1. In cases which is not regulated in below regulations, the provision of generally applicable law, in particular the Civil Code and the Act of 30 May 2014 about consumer rights (Journal of Laws od 2014, position 827) shall apply.
    2. The privacy policy is an integral part of this Regulations.
    3. Seller reserves the right to change these Regulations. Changing the Regulations enter into force within 14 days of publication. Changes will be share on the website www.cormak.pl. If the new conditions of the Regulations won’t be accepted Buyer can not use the online store and place Orders.
    4. Last update of the regulations: 24.05.2018

Information clause.

Cormak company inform:

  1. Administrator of your personal data is CORMAK Jerzy Zalewski, Brzeska 120 Siedlce, Poland NIP, number 8212210723, phone number 609-939-102, e-mail address: dane@cormak.pl.
  2. The personal data will be processing for making a contract.
  3. Customers have the right to: access their data, rectify the data, delete, limit processing, the right to object, request the cessation of data processing and transfer, the right for withdraw consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of the processing, which was carried out on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.
  4. Customers have the right to file a complaint to President of the Personal Data Protection Office, when Customers think the processing of their personal data violates the regulations of law statements.
  5. Providing personal data is voluntary, but the data is necessary for make contract correctly. If Customer do not give the personal data, Cormak company can not properly perform services which Buyer may choose.
  6. The data, which Customer share for Cormak company will not be available to third parties. Recipients of data will only be available for institutions authorized by law.
  7. The data share for Cormak will not be profilled.
  8. Data administrator does not share personal data to another country or international organization.
  9. Data Protection Officer at CORMAK Jerzy Zalewski, Brzeska 120, Poland, NIP number 8212210723 is Ms. Ewa Zalewska, e-mail: zgoda@cormak.pl
  10. Customer personal data will be stored during the time related to the limitation of claims with the contract.