Optional equipment

Optional equipment for CNC machining machines are, for example, a rotary indexing table, a CNC dividing head, a contact probe, a probe with optical transmission ...

Optional equipment

OMP60 Optical Transmission Probe

gross €7,694.65

For controlling and basing the workpiece on machining centers of all sizes and small and medium-sized multi-task machines.

RS250 CNC Tools Cabinet

gross €343.95

A cabinet with 5 drawers on ball bearings, equipped with a central lock and 4 wheels (1 with a brake), convenient for any workshop. Strengthened, thick metal structure. Its design allows for attaching a vice on the surface and additional handles on both sides.

E005 Shelf for CNC Tools

gross €85.81

A tool attachment for a trolley enables convenient storage of up to 15 tool holders, without damaging their individual tooling. Thanks to the adjustable 3 bones in each opening, all kinds of frames can be mounted in this extension.