Semi-automatic band saws

The band saw machine has been designed for procesing large metals. With this efficient machine it is possible to make multi-series nad precise cuts. Are you looking for a good solution that will improve processes in your company? Cormak company offers you high-quality semi-automatic cutters with adjustable belt speed and pressing force. Lifting and falling of the arm in this devices is automatically, using a hydraulic system. Our semi-automatic band saws are produced according to ISO:90001 and ISO:140001 standards, that's why the machines are both efficient and safe. Modern motors from M3V series guarantee long and trouble-free working. Our company organize trainings for machine operators. We also provide professional technical support and post-warranty service for band saw machines. Please contact with our sales department- we will help you choose the best band saw suited to the needs of your company. 

Semi-automatic band saws

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S-200RH Semi-Automatic Band...
Ø250 240x240 320x240

S-200RH Semi-Automatic Band Saw

gross €5,000.00

Powerful, reliable and modern semi-automatic band saw for metal with automatic arm raising and lowering and a hydraulic vice. The arm is rotational in both ways from -45º to +60º. The machine is fantastic for ironworking, e.g. cutting tubes and profiles.

CORMAK Semi-automatic BS-370H Metal Band Saw 400V 27mm

gross €6,046.28 €5,348.60

The semi-automatic band saw CORMAK BS-370H, thanks to the hydraulically controlled vice and saw arm, cooling, swivel arm enabling cutting at an angle from -45° to +60°, in combination with saw blades from the renowned German company Rontgen, is widely used in all locksmith workshops where precision, quality and cutting speed count.

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SAM 300x500 SAPHIR LINE...
Ø300 270x270 430x270

SAM 300x500 SAPHIR LINE Band Saw

gross €10,348.60

Very powerful semi-automatic band saw. Ideal for cutting solid and hard details. The SAPHIR LINE band saw has impressive features such as extremely smooth operation, high cutting performance and long tool life due to the use of two cylinders . The SAPHIR LINE machines are professional, powerful band saws, 100% made in Europe. Built with precision and accuracy, they face the most difficult tasks.

SAM 400x580 SAPHIR LINE...
Ø400 400x400 580x400

SAM 400x580 SAPHIR LINE Band Saw

gross €12,790.46

Powerful, semi-automatic band saw. Perfect for cutting tough details. SAPHIR LINE band saw features impressive properties such as extremely smooth operation, high cutting efficiency and tool durability due to two cylinders . SAPHIR LINE machines are professional band saws, entirely manufactured in Europe. Designed with precision and care, these deal with even difficult processes.

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S-440R Band Saw - Metal saw machine CORMAK S-440R WITH EC
Ø450 450x450 620x440

S-440R Band Saw

gross €15,790.46

Semi-automatic CORMAK S440R band saw. Its arm is made of uniform cast iron and, together with a 34 mm wide cutting band, it enables cutting various profiles and shapes. The band saw uses a vice and a hydraulically raised and lowered arm.

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H-50/70 Band Saw
Ø500 500x500 500x700

H-50/70 Band Saw

gross €15,743.94

CORMAK H-50/70 is a highly efficient column band saw for semi-automatic cutting of steel profiles, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. Its column design ensures rigidity during cutting, and employment of a completely different arm guiding technology than in pivot band saws provides cutting time reduction and accuracy increase.

Semi-automatic double column metal band saw CORMAK H-65/80

gross €30,232.54

The CORMAK H-65/80 double-column band saw is a highly efficient machine for semi-automatic cutting of solid materials and profiles made of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. The two-column construction ensures greater rigidity during the cutting process, and the use of a completely different arm and belt guiding technology compared to scissor machines significantly reduces the time and increases the cutting precision.

Semi-automatic double...
Ø700 700x700

Semi-automatic double column metal band saw CORMAK H-700

gross €30,232.54

Dwukolumnowa przecinarka taśmowa CORMAK H-700 jest wysokowydajną maszyną do cięcia w cyklu półautomatycznym materiałów pełnych oraz profili wykonanych ze stali, żeliwa oraz metali nieżelaznych.  Dwukolumnowa  konstrukcja zapewnia większą sztywność podczas procesu cięcia, a zastosowanie zupełnie innej technologi prowadzenia ramienia i taśmy w porównaniu z maszynami nożycowymi, znacznie skraca czas i zwiększa precyzję cięcia.

H-1500 H-1600 H-1800 Band Saws

Gate semi-automatic band saw for large diameters. Designed for series and highly productive cutting of material at an angle of 90 °