Tool grinding machines

Tool grinders allow the processing of metal or machinable plastics with grinding wheels.

Tool grinding machines

USM5000 Tool Grinding Machine

gross €20,657.67 €19,522.29

Universal grinding machine with a wide area of application, from cylindrical and internal grinding, through grinding tapers and flat surfaces, up to grinding (sharpening) tools. Advantages of the machine include, among others, sturdy design (1300 kg). 3-point headstock bearing, automatic hydraulic feed, abundant default equipment.

  • Reduced price

TS-125 Tools Sharpening-Grinding Machine

gross €3,358.71

The machine is intended for sharpening various tools: drills, milling cutters, cutters, disks and many others. The base is by default equipped with a very convenient shelf for tools. Stable construction secures comfortable and precise operation without vibration. Ergonomically arranged switching and operating elements. Equipped with a component for sharpening and grinding elements in 3 axes as well as with a number of other elements that simplify its handling.