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Szlifierki do płaszczyzn

Szlifierka do płaszczyzn 400x800
Szlifierka do płaszczyzn 400x800
Szlifierka do płaszczyzn 400x800

Flat-surface grinder 400x800/1000

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The grinding machine for continuous operation in production. A broad grinding range and programmable PLC SIEMENS controller. The machine has a modern stable structure. The fixed headstock operates on two pairs of ways. Automatic feeds for 3 axes. A digital readout in a standard version.

Machine characteristics

  • Automatic feeds for 3 axes.
  • Digital readout.
  • Robust structure.
  • Very high accuracy.

Technical data

Magnetic table size

400 x 800

Maximal table load

500 kg

Grinding wheel dimensions

350 x 40 x 127 mm

Maximal spindle axis distance from table

580 mm

Table hydraulic feed speed

7 - 23 m/min

Maximal longitudinal table travel

910 mm

Maximal table cross feed

450 mm

Automatic cross feed

0.1 - 8 mm

Rapid cross feed

990 mm/min

Scale graduation Y-axis

0.02 mm

Scale graduation Z-axis

0.005 mm

Rapid vertical feed

460 mm/min

Automatic vertical feed

0.005 – 0.05 mm

Spindle motor power

5.5 kW

Total motor power

9 kW

Base dimensions

360 x 240 mm

Machine height

1900 mm


3800 kg

Standard equipment

  • Digital readout
  • Magnetic chuck 400 x 800
  • Disk-type grinding wheel
  • Arbor for abrasive wheel balancing
  • Disk-type grinding wheel mounting
  • Cooling system
  • Grinding wheel dressing device
  • Chips separator
  • Halogen lighting installation

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