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Piły taśmowe

Piła taśmowa CORMAK HBS250
Piła taśmowa CORMAK HBS250
Piła taśmowa CORMAK HBS250
Piła taśmowa CORMAK HBS250
Piła taśmowa CORMAK HBS250
Piła taśmowa CORMAK HBS250

Band-saw CORMAK HBS250

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A band-saw easy in operation and of a durable construction. It enables accurate work parameters setting what translates directly into cutting efficiency.

  • The band quick tensioning lever serves also for the band releasing.
  • Guiding on toothed strips with a millimetre graduation enables an accurate setting of the band upper guiding.
  • The sawing machine motion protractor with a blockade on eccentric and parallel cutting instrumentation.
  • The sawing machine precision table is made of cast iron with a ground and polished surface. A possibility of angle of inclination change within 0o – 45o.
  • Clear band tensioning indicator.
  • The band both side guiding prolongs considerably its life.

Standard equipment:

  • Switch/breaker switch with a low-voltage release
  • The band quick tension/release lever
  • Precision motion protractor
  • Cutting band 1790 x 10 t 6.3

Technical data:

Wheels diameter (mm)


Maximal cutting height (mm)


Maximal cutting width (mm)


Work table dimensions (L x W) (mm)

290 x 290

Work table tilt (°)

0 - 45

Band width (mm)

6  to 10

Band length (mm)


Band speed (m/min)


Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)

420 x 320 x 820

Weight (kg)


Motor power (kW)


Instruction (TOD)

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EC Declaration



Instructional video:


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