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Meet our new brand CORMAK

    Information about CORMAK brand

     MAKTEK Jerzy Zalewski company has been existing on Polish market for a dozen or so years. We are probably the biggest centre of machines for woodworking and metal working in Poland.

    On more than 6000 m2 of storage area there wait for Customers approx. 5500 machines and systems thanks to which we can quickly and effectively manage every order. We warrant proved quality of our products and their compliance with directives and provisions in force.


    MEET OUR NEW BRAND - CORMAK it is an effect of the best solutions proved within a dozen or so years. The solutions tested in the heavy industry as well as at craftsmen’s shops. The solutions that proved themselves and that constitute today a basis of a good standard. It is the best recommendation.

    Why is it worth choosing CORMAK brand?

    • CORMAK is a Polish brand and proved solutions recommended by our Customers. We offer highest grade machines only and aspire permanently to improvement of their quality..
    • We secure a professional guarantee and after-guarantee service. Our engineers has suitable knowledge and experience within operation and maintenance of our machines and systems for woodworking and metal working.
    • We offer trainings and Dedicated Packets of Training within the conventional machines operation and programming of numerically controlled machines (CNC – Computer Numerical Control) at our company’s seat as well as at a Customer’s.
    • Our experts grant complex information and professionally advice during choice of optimal solutions for your company. You can always count on professional support.


    We every day cooperate with such courier companies as Siódemka, DB Schenker, K-EX, DHL. All shipments are insured and sent to a Customer within 24 hours – from an order acceptance – by a forwarder or by own transport.


    We invite you cordially to contact with our company’s representatives!

    Centre of machines for woodworking and metal working

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