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FALACH- shavings into ecological briquettes

        Even in a small joiner’s shop a profitable investment is a FALACH hydraulic briquetting machine because even little quantities of shavings can be converted into useful ecological fuel.

    - These type of briquetting machines, available in several models, are, first of all, designed for use in small and medium joiner’s shops - says Łukasz Gorzata from Maktek company, an authorized representative of Falach company.
    - Thanks to very silent operation the machine can be installed in a production room and currently filled with the shavings produced during current production. The processed wood usually contains up to 15% of moisture so the shavings, abatement and wood dust can be successfully processed into round briquettes.
        A new piston-press system patented by a Czech producer with a hardened piston and a die with chromium addition secures the machine high durability. The reduction of scrap volume during the briquetting process reaches even 90%. The enlarged die secures briquettes cooling what makes the quality control easier through change of pressure. Thanks to safe transmission of clamping with pressure force, the pressure energy is used with maximum efficiency.

        Obviously, the wooden briquettes are produces without use of bonding agents. The Falach briquetting machines are modern, fully automated machines. The computer of the control unit in cooperation with a pressing mechanism secures permanent quality of the briquette and unattended operation. All presses are equipped with sensors that control the minimum level of rejects in the briquetting press hopper. The press hopper is designed also for cooperation with a filtrating superstructure and a fan. Such a complex and service less system of wooden dust removal from particular machines directly to the briquetting machine secure maximum comfort of wastes processing. As far as the Falach 50 model is equipped with a hydraulic oil cooler that secures a possibility of continuous operation, the smaller models – Falach 30 and 35 of a similar construction and of the same dimensions, instead of the cooler have a hydraulic oil tank of a higher capacity.


    - The presses can operate continuously- says Łukasz Gorzata.

    - They produce briquette of 50 mm diameter and the models Falach 70 and Falach 100 – of 70 mm diameter. The briquette length is within the range 20 – 40 mm in smaller models and 40 – 60 mm – in bigger models or it can be adjusted. The bigger models have strengthened construction because thanks to a higher power pump of 7.5 – 22 kW, they can produce thicker briquettes and with higher pressure even up to 120 kg/h. Moreover, at higher availability of the raw material for briquetting, there is available optional equipment in a form of a rotary base for five bags. The base for one bag in a standard version.
    Using powdered materials it is possible to reduce the working cycle what warrants briquette lower quality of larger length but it does not reduce the total output of the briquetting machine – adds a representative of a national dealer. – In every case is obtained saving of storage place, air without dust and trouble-free transport of production wood material.